Every child is unique

Every child is unique

At Balabala, we embrace the idea that each child joyfully celebrates their individuality.

As a leading international children’s apparel and footwear brand established in 2002, we are committed to providing high-quality, fashionable products crafted with functional fabrics. Boasting an extensive retail footprint, our brand flourishes across over 4,800 stores worldwide, successfully captivating the hearts of customers in 30 countries and regions.


alabala puts forward the slogan of “Every child is unique” with our insight into the children. In Balabala’s world,every child is different.Children are natural to be mischievous, whimsical and playful. Brand Personality: joyful, colorful and free.


Balabala is trying to achieve the vision of becoming the benchmark brand in the children’s apparel and accessories industry all over the world.

Co-branding Partnerships

Balabala is passionate about collaboration and proud to partner with brands, artists in different fields to bring our customers a unique assortment of products they cannot find anywhere else. Through our partnership, we follow high standard and create the products that helps to explore and express the different personalities of kids.