About Us

Power of will & the stronghold of ambition

AHTE founded in 2018 has emerged from a wide spectrum
of experiences by Abdelhafez Abdullah Hasan. Formulated
by the power of will and the stronghold of ambition, AHTE
initiated its journey in Jordan with bringing forth a highly
integrated well-reputed brand MINISO to the market.

AHTE is a well-known strategic partner aiming to attract
world-class brands to invest in Jordan and raising the
standard of retail industry with sophisticated youth-based
strategic planning. The empowerment of Jordanian youth is
recognized as one of the most important pillars in AHTE, with
an average age of 26 years old to over 100 employees in the



Present in the Jordanian market for 6 years (2018)



Thriving Growth: Our Team Expands to 120 Strong and Committed Employees



Versatile Agent Amplifies Impact with 5 Dynamic Brands

We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

To emerge new brands in the market of Jordan to fulfill the needs of customers on different levels by offering first-rate customer service in a variety of placements as Malls, lifestyle centers, popular streets and well known markets. To empower Jordanian youth with means of development and success by building a platform to their ideas and contributions.

To bring together as one a diverse multi-brand market in

Our Goals

Enganging market with winning international brands

Building and sustaining new retail strategies

Contributing in corporate social responsibility roles

Supporting youthful initiatives and
training students

Offering an empowerment platform for youth force

Raising customer service
standards in retail industry

Developing the market by utilizing new approaches

Our Brands

High Quality
Affordable Price  

A national reality in men’s fashion, is our pride and joy.

An international sensation in children’s apparel and footwear

A Portuguese brand with over two decades

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